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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for Submitting an Award Application

  • Consider the award definition; make sure you are applying for the award type that best fits your application.
  • Take time to develop thoughtful responses. Try not to rush to submit before the deadline.
  • Stay on track; always connect your responses back to the question. Avoid simply restating the question in your own words.
  • Make sure you have included details and examples where indicated. Avoid using broad or vague language.
  • Keep your responses clear and simple to understand.
  • Be objective about your work (or the nominee’s work).

Keep in mind: While it is nice to nominate someone in secret, consider working with the nominee where possible. This allows for a more detailed and well-rounded application.

*Please note that these are general recommendations and in no way guarantee an application resulting in an award.

Awards Frequently Asked Questions