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Educator Resources

We provide educators with data, preparation tools, and resources to help students succeed.

Stay Informed On Your Program's Data

Access your program’s data, order customized score reports, purchase aspire study tools and the OTKE, and more.


    Verify your students, approve DVFs, and provide additional staff with rights to utilize the portal.

    Information You Need to Know to Help Your Students Succeed

    Exam Prep for Your Students


    94% of students believe the StudyPack was an effective tool to use when preparing for the exam. It has become the #1 choice for students to use as they prep for their exam.


    An excellent resource to help your student’s identify a self-perceived indication of their knowledge, skills, and experience in relation to the validated domains and tasks of OT practice.


    Our practice tests reflect current exam content. They mirror the format and flow of the exam. Receive a feedback report with a scaled score, just like on an actual exam scoring day.

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