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Innovation Award

Award Definition

Recognizes OTRs or COTAs who demonstrate the delivery of an evidence-based, effective, and innovative program or intervention that enhances the quality of life for a person or persons.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current NBCOT certification is required for the award nominee.
  • The program/intervention must be evidence-based and support the mission of NBCOT.
  • Self-nomination or nomination by others is accepted.

How to Apply

  • Access the award application platform and create an account. You can also log in using your Google username and password.
  • Complete the award application and attach the following documents:
    • Program information, to include two of any of the following: website link, brochure, press release, or publication
    • Nominee's résumé (only if self-nominating)
  • Submit the application.

Additional Information for Application Questions

  • Detailed description of the innovative program/intervention, including client population, program/intervention objectives and vision, and how the program/intervention represents a new approach to enhancing the quality of life for a person or persons.
    • Other ways to describe innovation may include truly creative or cutting edge. Consider, does the program or intervention being nominated truly represent “innovation”?
    • Objectives and vision are clearly stated.
  • Summary of evidence showing the effectiveness of the innovative program/intervention and how it has positively influenced participants' quality of life.
    • Evidence can be any type—qualitative, quantitative, testimonials—but should be compelling and specific.
  • Describe how the innovative program/intervention supports the mission of NBCOT.
    • Strong award applications make a connection between the program or intervention and NBCOT’s mission.

Be sure to check out our tips and frequently asked questions for additional details about submitting an award application.

*Please note that these are general recommendations and in no way guarantee an application resulting in an award.

Now Open for Innovation Award Submissions

Submit an application or nominate a colleague for an Innovation award. Applications will be accepted until February 29, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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