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Reissue ATT Letter

Reissue ATT Letter

ATT letters are valid for 90 days. If you need to reissue your ATT letter, you can make the request through your MyNBCOT account.

Check your application status. Your ATT letter can only be reissued if your application is active (unexpired).

Reasons You May Need to Reissue Your ATT Letter

  • A name change
  • Your current ATT letter has expired
  • You want to schedule your exam appointment beyond your current ATT letter expiration date
  • You have to cancel your exam appointment and you cannot reschedule within the current ATT letter dates
  • You failed to appear for your scheduled exam appointment
  • You arrived at the test center more than 15 minutes after your scheduled exam time
  • You arrived at the test center without proper ID

Reissue Your ATT Letter

All services are ordered through your MyNBCOT account.