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JEDI Reflection Points: A Powerful New Tool for Self-Reflection and Growth

NBCOT invites you to participate in our journey to better understand, experience, and accept differences. We have two modules available, with more launching in the next few months.

At NBCOT, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) are an integral part of our mission and vision. We recognize, value, and celebrate the diverse backgrounds, lives, and experiences of all our stakeholders, including staff, students, certificants, regulators, educators, employers, and the public.

We have done a lot of self-reflecting over the past year, and it led us to embark on creating a powerful new tool to enable everyone to participate in our journey to better understand, experience, and accept differences and work to make our world a better place.

J·E·D·I Reflection Points is a tool that provides you with a safe space to reflect, learn, and grow. You determine the pace at which you want to use the tool and how much reflection and learning you want to complete. Everyone will enter the journey with different levels of knowledge and exposure to the content. At times, it may be uncomfortable for some of us. But that is a good thing! Great learning takes place when we are outside our comfort zones.

Two modules are currently available, with more launching in the next few months. While participating in the modules, you are encouraged to self-reflect on your own thoughts and assumptions. An optional self-reflection document can be downloaded and used to capture your thoughts. Additional resources are provided at the end of each module.

No information regarding your participation, actions within the tool, or completion is stored or recorded. There is no sign-in required and the tool is open for all to use. The tool is a safe space.

Current Modules

Introduction to Bias

Explore unconscious bias through a personal lens.

An OTR sits with a mother and her son. The mother is brushing hair from her son's forehead.

How Biases Develop

Think about your experiences and get tips for managing biases.

Three boys stand in a school hallway. One boy, with his back to the camera, stands apart from two other boys who are facing him.

New Module Coming Soon

Inclusion & Exclusion

Reflect on a time you experienced exclusion or excluded someone.

Committed to JEDI

We invite you to follow @jedireflectionpoints on Instagram, where we will share additional resources on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and spotlight individuals and organizations who are working to make change. Do you know someone or an organization that we should spotlight? Send us a DM, we would love to spread the word and share resources.

NBCOT is committed to our JEDI principles and continuing to grow our knowledge, but we recognize this is a process of ongoing learning and that we may not always get it right. We welcome your feedback and any resources you feel others may benefit from.

We hope you make time to self-reflect, learn, and grow by visiting J·E·D·I Reflection Points.

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” — Audre Lord