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Important Information Regarding the Academic Credential Verification Form (ACVF)

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose new and unexpected challenges to all members of our community. NBCOT is aware that many students are dealing with the cancellation of fieldwork sites due to social distancing measures, and we empathize with the difficulty this situation poses. While we appreciate the desire to find solutions for students whose graduation timelines may be adversely affected, we are troubled by comments suggesting that the Academic Credential Verification Form (ACVF) may be used to allow students to test before they have completed their fieldwork and/or degree requirements.

NBCOT has been examining the ACVF policy since the fall of 2019 in collaboration with program directors from across the country. Through our ongoing research, we have documented several instances of misuse of the form, including the form being submitted before students have completed Level II Fieldwork or other graduation requirements.

Based on careful consideration of all available information on the potential for misuse of the ACVF, we are suspending the processing and acceptance of the ACVF until further notice. We sincerely regret any inconvenience that this decision may have. Once the COVID-19 situation has settled, NBCOT will revisit the use of the ACVF, which may include changes to the current policy.

This suspension applies to candidates whose ACVF has not yet been approved by their program director. Candidates whose ACVF has already been approved by their program director are covered by the policy that was in place at the time of their approval. Under that policy, candidates who test on an ACVF will receive their exam results only after NBCOT has processed and approved the candidate’s official final transcript confirming the degree title and conferral date.

We believe this decision is necessary to mitigate the risk posed by students being allowed to test prior to having met the established entry-level requirements. State boards rely on NBCOT to provide accurate information with which to make licensure decisions, and the public, including employers, relies on us to verify that all certified occupational therapy professionals have met the published requirements for entry-level practice. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this challenging time.