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Exam Fees

Online Initial Exam Application - $515 USD

Paper Initial Exam Application - $555 USD

Online Retake Exam Application - $385 USD

Paper Retake Exam Application - $415 USD

Reissue ATT Letter - $85 USD (*currently being waived due to the pandemic)

Score Transfer - $35 USD (one free if added with exam application)

Eligibility Confirmation Notice - $35 USD (one free if added with exam application)

Early Determination Review - $225 USD

Certification Fees

Online Renewal Application- $65 USD

Paper Renewal Application - $75 USD

Reinstatement Application Within 3 Years of Expiration Date - $125 USD

Reinstatement Application Past 3 Year Expiration Date - $175 USD

Verification of Certification - FREE

Score Transfer - $35 USD

Duplicate Certificate Request - $30 USD

International Service Fees

Occupational Therapist Eligibility Determination (OTED®) -$850 USD

Credential Evaluation Letter - State -$35 USD

Credential Evaluation Letter - Personal -$35 USD

Visa Credential Verification Certificate (VCVC) Application -$500 USD

VCVC Renewal Application -$275 USD

VCVC Application Reactivation -$130 USD

VCVC Duplicate Certificate -$100 USD

*These are temporary measures intended to assist those affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. NBCOT will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 and will determine how long the change in the policies will remain in place and whether any adjustments to the changes are required going forward.